Young EAP is a network of national junior paediatric representatives within the EAP which exists to support the work of EAP in the areas of education, innovation and advocacy. This network will be established officially by the General Assembly during the upcoming Winter Meeting. Twenty-two countries are currently represented within Young EAP. Young EAP has been involved in several activities over the past couple of months, of which a number are listed below.

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During the Spring Meeting in Sofia, the newly appointed Young EAP officials were introduced to EAP members. Their biographies can be found here. Several new Young EAP projects are now being developed, including the EAP Scientific Grant and the Young EAP Leadership Programme, and were discussed during the Spring Meeting. Finally, the Sofia meeting also hosted the second Young EAP Webinar, during which Dr. Sarah Dalton and Professor Laurents Stassen shared their experience on how to involve and train residents to reduce low value care and be good stewards of limited health care resources. Young EAP webinars can be viewed here.


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During the Swedish annual paediatric conference in Västerås, Sweden the Junior Paediatric Association of Sweden (BLU) organised a workshop on 25/4 where we discussed educational matters and presented the vision and mission of Young European Academy of Paediatrics (YEAP). BLU conference BLU conference (1) Henriette Loizos, president of BLU, member of YEAP and junior doctor in paediatrics, Karolinska University hospital, Stockholm