Vision and mission

Young EAP aims to educate, innovate and advocate to further advance child health across Europe. Young EAP exists to:

  • Represent the interest of paediatric trainees within the European Academy of Paediatrcs (EAP)
  • Advise the Executive Committee of the EAP on matters related to trainees and training
  • Act as EAP think tank
  • Participate in relevant EAP councils, committees and working groups
  • Be a formal member of organizing committees of the EAPS Congress and the EAP MasterCourse
  • Share research experience and opportunities across Europe
  • Share clinical opportunities across Europe
  • Participate as a member of the EAP visiting committee during accreditation visits of European expert centres
  • Represent the EAP in the communication with junior sections/trainee representatives of EAP’s subspecialty societies and promote interdisciplinary courses and symposiums
  • Advocate about European and national issues related to the health of children and specifically include the trainee voice


Young EAP – Terms of Reference