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EAP (European Academy of Paediatrics, Paediatric section of UEMS) working group of ethics has been established as a regular working group in 1997 and since that time different members from EAP participated. It is open to everybody and the main purpose is to join those members, who are interested in ethical issues in paediatrics. During this period more than 30 papers have been published on different topics (readily available at the EAP webpage) and some statements on critical issues were launched to the health ministries of EU countries. Workshops have been organized to attract members and to share their different opinions on “hot issues & topics” within paediatric ethics. Finally, the gathering in ethics WG stimulates multicentre working principle and networking and such positive atmosphere already resulted in three multicenter research projects financed within EU programmes.

Rare Diseases

Rare diseases are chronic and usually progressive disabling conditions. They often present in childhood. Timely access to diagnosis to avoid preventable manifestations and complications requires a European approach.


Chairs: Hans Jürgen Dornbusch, Austria and Lia Syridou, Greece The EAP Vaccination Working Group (VWG) consists of representatives from all European regions, who are involved in their national immunisation programmes, with the intention to build an eff …