June 2018

EAP works towards IIS sytems

The EAP strongly supports the important goal of Europe-wide Immunization Information Systems (IIS), which will be addressed in a joint WHO/ECDC/ESPID session at the ESPID Meeting (Malmö, 1 June 2018) and at the Nordic Vaccine Meeting (Helsinki, 14-15 June 2018). A technical guidance to support European countries with their decision-making processes for implementation of Electronic Immunization Records, developed by ECDC in collaboration with EAP, is expected to be available in autumn 2018.


EAP supports EPHA in high-level EU vaccination advocacy efforts

EAP was invited to support EPHA in a Vaccination Consultation Meeting at the European Commission in February 2018. The discussion included key issues such as securing resources, better communication to address vaccine hesitancy (also via social and mass media), improving vaccine availability, and dismantling barriers to vaccine access for vulnerable groups, which markedly increased the awareness towards the importance of vaccination.

About us

Chairs: Hans Jürgen Dornbusch, Austria and Lia Syridou, Greece

The EAP Vaccination Working Group (VWG) consists of representatives from all European regions, who are involved in their national immunisation programmes, with the intention to build an effective and interactive network.
The major goal of the EAP VWG is to support activities leading to better Harmonisation of vaccination programmes within the European region and to optimal Coverage with recommended vaccines.

The EAP VWG meets twice a year for discussion of the current situation of immunisation in Europe. Data are collected mainly by means of surveys. Major topics comprise implementation of recommended vaccines, national monitoring of vaccination coverage, measures to increase vaccination coverage ensuring an equitable access to immunization policies also to the migrant population, approach to vaccine refusal / “individualization”, shortages in vaccine supply, and others.

The EAP VWG seeks collaboration with WHO, ECDC and other European organisations, coalitions, alliances and networks interested in the field of vaccinology, in order to optimize its efforts for achieving the goals mentioned above.

The EAP VWG supports the ambitious WHO European Vaccine Action Plan 2015-2020.
With its vision: A European Region free of vaccine-preventable diseases, where all countries provide equitable access to high-quality, safe, affordable vaccines and immunization services throughout the life course.