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Didn’t you encounter in your practice problems with medication to give to children? What is appropriate, how many must I give, can’t we do research to have a more efficient medication? These questions came also through our mind in the past years and that is why the European Academy of Paediatrics started with a working group on Medicines for Children. We know for sure that studies in adults are not sufficient to prove the efficiency and safety of drugs the children because of the specific diseases and the difference of kinetic characteristics. Moreover the effects on growth and development have to be studied; a baby is not a child and a child is not a small adult. Our goals are thus to increase high quality research into medicines for children, to Increase availability of authorised medicinal products for children and to improve the available information. We want to achieve the objectives without unnecessary studies on children and delaying authorisation for adults In this context, the role of the EAP is to lift up the barriers to paediatric medicine investigation, and dilemmas faced by Health authorities. To improve the health of children in the EU, partnership is necessary among children and parents, paediatricians, allied physicians, policy makers and research-based pharmaceutical industry and academic centres. A very challenging target but we are ready to tackle it.


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