Oral Health Webinar

Oral Health Webinar

The European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) is has organized an Oral health webinar

Dental caries is one preventable disease which has not been effectively prevented, despite the profession having full understanding of what it would take to eliminate
the disease from our child population

Prevention of dental disorders and promotion of good oral health are the responsibility of primary care paediatricians and physicians who should begin regular oral health anticipatory guidance and risk assessment in the first year of life in the community.

This webinar has been aimed at presenting dental caries simply as it is; a completely preventable disease but with a social dimension that makes it difficult to prevent it in some. The role of effective tools for prevention will be discussed as well as suggestions on who can be involved in their delivery.

Introduction by dr. Stefano del Torso, EAP VicePresident (Click here for the presentation)

Presentation by prof. Prof. Monty Duggal, University of Leeds School of Dentistry  (Click here for the presentation)