ISSOP – Aftermath of the Budapest Declaration

(by Dr. Peter Altorjay Hungary, EAP National Delegate; and Dr. Paul Torpiano, Malta’s Young EAP member)

After having ISSOP’s 2017 Budapest meeting’s position statement on migrant child health – widely known as the Budapest Declaration – endorsed by many paediatric societies, the European Academy of Paediatrics was invited this March to participate in the ad-hoc working group. Established within ISSOP, this group aims to turn recommendations of the Declaration into real actions over the coming years.

The detailed Action Plan of the working group, built upon the key elements of the Declaration, identifies as its main objectives:

  • creating new clinical programs;
  • developing new care systems and policies;
  • urging healthcare providers to use evidence-based scientific support for program development;
  • implementation and evaluation

These objectives are all required to fulfil purposes of the source document.

Led by Professor Charles Oberg from the University of Minnesota, members of the group presenting diverse affiliation and professional interests recently decided to form subgroups in the following areas: clinical care, health systems, policy development and best practices. This was done following the Action Plan’s Timeline as the next process objective.

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