“Healthy Child, Healhy World” Week

EAP Executive Committee Member and Chairman of the European Board of Paediatrics (EBP), Dr. Robert Ross Russell, is planning the upcoming “Healthy Child, Healthy World” event, a week of celebration of child achievements in Cambridge that will be run in October this year. The format is to hold daily events (flashmob, music, exercise class) alongside information around issues of international importance (malnutrition/obesity, child refugees, child exploitation, …).

“Healthy Child, Healthy World” is supported by, and will feature in its activities, renowned medical personalities such as Dr. Waheed Arian and Dr. Rachel Furley, in what is it bound be a remarkable and widely covered event. You can keep up with all the latest developments by following @HealthyChildHW on Twitter.

In order to make “Healthy Child, Healthy World” a truly European event, any EAP supports who are interested in running a similar event in their own country/region over the same week should contact Dr. Robert Ross Russell.

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