Final MOCHA Conference – primary healthcare provision for children in EU/EEA area

The Horizon 2020 “MOCHA – Models of Child Health Appraised” research project will have its final conference on 15-16 November 2018, in The Hague, Netherlands. The event will present MOCHA’s headline results, formal reports, and pave the way for stakeholder discussion on the next steps following the project’s conclusion.

With a total duration of three years, MOCHA has identified and critically assessed all aspects of primary health care provision for children of all ages in all the 30 EU/EEA countries. EAP has collaborated in MOCHA as member of the External Advisory Board. Morever, several EAP National Delegates have collaborated either as Work Package leader, MOCHA Country Agents, or by helping their Country Agent.

You can find all the Deliverables completed so far and registration information at website

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