EAP involvement in the “Healthy Child, Healthy World” Day

To celebrate Universal Children’s Day on November 20th, the date that marks the signing of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959, Dr. Robert Ross Russell, EAP representative and Chairman of the European Board of Paediatrics (EBP), is organising a series of events in Cambridge to reflect both the talents and abilities of children. Likewise, the event will also the emphasise the importance of global child health, both for children and for the health of the adults they become.

Under the strapline “Healthy Child, Healthy World – Their Future, Our Responsibility”, there will be a series of activities involving children coupled with information on some of the major issues affecting child health in the UK and across Europe. EAP will support this initiative, and its logo will be featured in all communications and visual items.

Supported by internationally recognised names such as Waheed Arian (Arian Teleheal, winner of 2018 Rotary Peace Prize), Rachel Furley MBE (Bridges to Belarus) and Doug Harper (Development Media International) there are a number of themes, including international child health, research for children, child safety and the childhood origins of adult disease, “Healthy Child, Healthy World” hopes to raise the profile of paediatric health care and involve people in local and international issues.

If you wish to be involved in “Healthy Child, Healthy World” activities (whether in your own country or in the UK), please contact Dr. Robert Ross Russell.

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